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 Domestic Violence In The World

Domestic Violence In The World, Changing The World Podcast

Abuse comes in many different types of forms. No one ever deserves to experience abuse.

Examples of Financial Abuse

  • You have a joint bank account, and your partner monitors your spending and yells at you for every purchase.
  • Your partner gives you an allowance, and you are only allowed to spend that money on what they need.
  • Your partner affects your ability to work, such as causing you to be consistently late or preventing you from going to work some days, leading to issues or potential firing.
  • Your partner receives your public assistance check and refuses to give it to you.
  • Your partner takes any money earned from you and controls where you spend it.
  • In these situations, the partner who is abusive has control over the finances and has the power to determine if the other partner can work or not. This imbalance is abusive.

Examples of Emotional Abuse

  • Your partner name calls you or demeans you.
  • Your partner tries to control you, your time, and your actions.
  • Your partner tells you what to do and what to wear.
  • Your partner often makes you feel silly or dumb.
  • Your partner questions your reality and says that things that you know happened didn’t happen. This is called gaslighting.
  • Your partner is critical of your appearance.
  • Your partner is jealous of time spent with your friends or family.
  • Your partner punishes you by withholding attention or affection.
  • Your partner doesn’t want you hanging out with someone of another gender.
  • Your partner makes threats to hurt you or others to get what they want.
  • Your partner wants you to ask for permission before doing something or spending time with other people.
  • Your partner monitors where you go and stalks your whereabouts.
  • Your partner doesn’t want you to work.
  • Your partner embarrasses you in public.
  • Your partner does not trust you and acts possessive.
  • Your partner threatens breaking up or divorce to manipulate an argument.
  • Your partner wants access to your phone, your passwords, or your social media.
  • Your partner threatens suicide during arguments.
  • Your partner is constantly accusing you of cheating.
  • Your partner blames you for their unhealthy/abusive behaviors.
  • Your partner makes you feel guilty or immature for not wanting to have sex.
  • Your partner overloads you with compliments and gifts, and then uses that to manipulate you later (love bombing).

Learn more about identifying and recognizing abuse.

Watch Podcast!

In this video podcast, we will discuss Domestic Violence In The World. Need Help/ National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1.800.799.SAFE (7233) TTY 1.800.787.3224, Text "START" to 88788 ➤ Tune into Changing The World Podcast every Thursday at 8PM EST. Changing The World Podcast is a multi-faceted platform, which includes a YouTube channel, podcast, and blog, addressing worldwide issues faced in our community. One Conversation, One Change at a Time...Be the Change You Want to See.


Visit the National Domestic Violence Hotline to get help right away

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